About me

My name is Paul Mason and I am a 29-year old garden blogger from Colorado, USA. My love for plants began at the young age of 4 when my father gave me a cactus he brought back from a business trip in Texas. That was my very first plant and I still have it to this day! With time, my interest in plants transformed into a fascination for growing them. I love to plant, cultivate and care for trees, flowers, plants, shrubs and other flora. I dig up dirt to prepare the ground for planting new seedlings. My favorite part of my work is digging up old trees and shrubs so that they can be transplanted into a new area with plenty of room to grow!


When not planting or caring for plants, I like to dig up sod in order to make way for new gardens or lawns. Sometimes you will find me potting flowers at home after work too— it’s easy! Other times you might find me grading soil or mowing grass on properties around town (and sometimes even fertilizing!)

I was really excited to get into gardening, and I loved the idea of being able to grow my own food. I started reading up on hydroponics and getting all of the supplies that I would need.

I set up my first system in my condo and it was a lot of fun experimenting with different plants and trying to find the right balance of light, water, and nutrients. After a few months of tweaking my setup, I finally found what worked well for me and my plants started to thrive.

I soon outgrew my condo space though, so I started looking for a house with a backyard that I could use for gardening. In early 2012, I found the perfect place – it had a big backyard with plenty of sun, and it was also big enough that I could build a greenhouse to use for my hydroponics systems.

During the fall of 2012, I set up several hydroponic systems in the greenhouse with the help of some friends. We laid out all of our supplies on plastic tables, put down some sand as a base, and used soil and pebbles as a medium.

My friends and I continued working on our system throughout 2013, adding new tanks every once in a while and adjusting our nutrient levels. We had several different types of lettuce, kale, swiss chard and other leafy greens thriving throughout the winter months. It was really exciting for me seeing my food growing indoors all year long!

I started my website to share the knowledge and experience I have in gardening. My goal was not only to create helpful resources for people with their own gardens but also to provide tips and tricks for beginner gardeners like myself. As time went on, I started receiving questions about specific types of plants or other things related to them which lead me to write articles about them based on what I knew.