Best Small Gas Chainsaw: 8 Picks That Will Wow You!

The small gas chainsaws have become well-liked, especially by homeowners who require an enormous amount of power to complete their tasks but don’t want to carry a chain saw that weighs a lot around. 

They have just enough power to finish the job and then concentrate on other factors like design and the material selection to make sure that your experience with them is as seamless as is possible. 

To pick the most efficient small gas chainsaw, you’ll need to be looking at more than the amount of power it generates.

The most attractive aspect of these kinds of saws is the fact that they offer users much less trouble to manage. They’re lightweight and more reliable in the long run, and also simple to adjust by the user when needed. 

They aren’t the most powerful in terms of power, but they’re not targeted at professionals, and so don’t require much more than an amount. 

Small Gas Chainsaw in Hands
Man with Chainsaw

Certain of them could be used as a backup tool alongside the chain saw that you have in situations in which you don’t require as much power, and the ease of smaller tools is more beneficial.

All that said, how do pick the best gas chainsaw appropriate for your requirements? This buyer’s guide is and 10 of our most-loved review of gas chains that fall in the category, but provide enough variety to be used for a variety of purposes.

Buyers’ Guide

If you’re looking to purchase a smaller chainsaw with gas, it’s real that the energy it will produce isn’t the most crucial aspect, but it’s an important aspect to take into consideration and should be at the the top of your list of priorities. 

Choose a product that’s strong enough to handle the type of work you’ll undertake and do not take a look back. This should be the most straightforward method to test before you move on to other crucial ones.

The next thing to be aware of is the motor type. The small chainsaws are equipped with one of two motors: an electric or gas powered one. Both come with their own advantages and disadvantages, and each serves an entirely different market. Electric motors are less efficient, however, it provides a better performance and has no emission of gas, making it more healthy, safer and more efficient choice.

It also creates less sound and makes its weight down making it more convenient. However, the downside is that you don’t have much power available, and as they are primarily run on batteries, you will need to charge them often unless you find a corded version.

The model that is powered by gas on the contrary, is focused on supplying the maximum amount of power and doesn’t care about other things so much. It emits dangerous gases, is extremely loud, and can be heavier but there are some choices that do a decent job at reducing these elements in a significant way.

It is also the only choice if you are looking to increase the performance of your task. There are additional advantages, however. The fuel that is used in these models lasts longer and doesn’t have to be replenished as frequently like an electric saw. Also, they tend to be more adaptable and can be used wherever provided you carry enough fuel.

Another important aspect that people overlook is the way in which the tuning of the chain functions. In most chain saws, the chains are easily adjusted by the user with no necessity of other tools. 

Lightweight Chainsaw in hands

Making sure that the chain is properly tensioned the chain is crucial to ensure optimal performance from an electric chainsaw and a tool-less adjustment can make it much simpler to achieve which is why you should be looking for as long as you can.

This is also true for other features too. Being able to access the spark plug as well as the air filters without the need for additional tools is an excellent method of making cleaning or troubleshooting it much easier. any saw that comes with this feature must earn additional points.

The final thing to think about is the structure of your saw. A metal build is obviously a lot stronger and usually offers longer life span, but it also is prone to adding a significant price tag. 

Polycarbonate, even though it’s not as robust could be a good alternative for those on a tight budget and may be the ideal option in the event that it offers many of the top features at a less expensive cost.

So, if you’re able to manage it, it’s recommended to opt for metal regardless of the cost and weighs higher, however, if you’re operating on a budget and want these extra features, an electric chainsaw with an aluminum body may be a good option as well. There’s no wrong decision here, only one having a disadvantage over the other.

Stihl MS 170

Key Takeaways

Fuel-efficient and powerful STIHL 2-MIX engine

Straightforward and minimalistic design

Excellent vibration, lubrication, and mitigation system – Stihl Ematic

One of the most reputable small chainsaw makers must be Stihl thanks to more than 90 years of expertise in the field.

Their most well-known model is their MS 170, which is the most popular model MS 170, features these capabilities to make a durable and robust chainsaw.

The Stihl MS 170 is good for any kind of task at home like trimming small trees, or hedges, and all with the same features that are found in numerous chainsaws designed for professionals.


It blends light and compact design along with the STIHL 2-MIX engine that provides high efficiency in fuel consumption and cutting power.

It is possible to reduce your consumption by up to 20% on fuel, and reduce emissions by 70 percent.

It’s MS 170 also includes an internal compensator controller that is fitted to its carburetor that prevents fuel mixtures from being unbalanced.

The fuel mixture in the motor can be excessively fuel-rich and there is not enough air due to air filters that are clogged.

Therefore, the carburetor reduces how much fuel is absorbed into the mixture, by monitoring the air that is passing across the filter. This keeps the fuel mix and, consequently, the engine’s power constant.

Stihl added the Anti-Vibration feature in the MS 170. It keeps the vibrations of the engine and saws to a minimum which results in a more pleasant user experience as well as less fatigue over the course.

The MS 17o gas chainsaw is equipped with the Ematic lubrication system from Stihl that can cut down on the use of lubricants by as much as 50% while preventing the chainsaw from getting hot.

The lubrication device is made by a variety of Stihl item and includes an Ematic Guide bar, Stihl Chain Oilomatic special saw chain, as well as the variable-flow handy pump.

The result? There is no waste of lubrication in this well-designed system.


It is the Stihl MS 170 is a small gas chainsaw ideal for homeowners looking for a strong landscaping tool for their property.

MS 170 MS 170 is a 12-16 inch chainsaw and weighs with a total 4.1 pounds weight. It is a remarkable chainsaw. MS 170 has surprising portability without sacrificing any cutting power.

This small, fuel-powered chainsaw is suitable for novice and experienced chainsaw owners alike.

Our Verdict

It’s not difficult to see why it is among the most efficient small gas-powered chainsaw we’ve found on this list.

It’s simple to make, it can be used from a compact 12-inch bar up to a mid-sized 16-inch bar and will provide steady power whenever you require it.

If you were looking to purchase an affordable gas chainsaw you should consider a Stihl MS 170 at the top of their list for being among the top chainsaw options available.

Echo CS-2511T

Key Takeaways

The G-Force Engine Pre-cleaner filter out the air

Echo Fast Choke technology allows easy start-ups

Accessible fuel tank system and chain tensioner

Echo has been in existence for over 40 years within the chain saw industry.

It is part of the Japanese manufacturing firm Yamakibo, Echo has an extensive presence in North America, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

They combine Japanese design methods with a solid American base using Echo CS-2311T. The CS-2311T is a professional model inside a small gasoline chainsaw design.

You can count on this durable portable chainsaw to take on any task you can throw at it.


In it is the Echo G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner.

The engine was designed to eliminate larger pieces of dirt and dirt from the air prior to even reaching the air filter in a proper manner and allowing you to have a shorter time to replace your filters to ensure the proper mix of fuel.

Although it is a professional grade, the CS-2311T has an efficient choke system that comes with an extremely fine grid to allow for quick pull-starts. With the textured handle it is recommended to have the best control over managing and operating the CS2311T.

To get work completed quickly the CS-2511T cuts out the need for downtime by using its oiler driven by clutch and an adjustable chain tensioning lever that is accessible from the sides.

The oil will be applied to the chain during operation to minimize oil waste and the chain adjuster is able to reapply tension without having to remove all the chain.

Lastbut not least, the Echo CS 2311T comes with a strong double-post chain that will effectively stop your chain from failing due to damage to the chain or kickback.


The Echo CS-2311T is equipped with an impressive 25 cc 2-stroke engine that gives the chainsaw rapid acceleration as well as constant RPM.

It is able to extend from a 12-inch to 14-inch bars for better movement than regular guides of 16 inches. The chainsaw is rated 5 kilograms of weight, including the chain and the bar.

It also has an untool-free fuel tank system for quick refueling. There are no additional equipment to get the most from this chainsaw.

Our Verdict

If you’re a professional woodcutter, and you are seeking something small but not sacrificing power the Echo CS-2311T chainsaw is the right chainsaw for you.

It’s lighter in weight than chainsaws that are professional and can be competitive with the most powerful chainsaws for small-sized machines that are available.

Remington RM Gas Chansaw 4214CS Rebel

Key Takeaways

Fast Crank enables a quick chainsaw starts

3-point vibration chainsaw system

Plug access with spark

There is no need to spend the rest of us to have a quality chainsaw that is on your side.

Remington has been producing chainsaws for over 100 years and began with electric and gas powered tools.

Their first chainsaw appeared in 1954, highlighting their tough design and quality for professionals who needed to loggers.

The Remington 4214CS Rebel is the product from their decades of expertise in the design and manufacture of the most powerful gas chainsaws available on the market.


The 4214CS Rebel makes its operation light and simple thanks to it’s Remington Quickstart technology for the fast crank.

In addition, the RM 4214CS Rebel comes with a fantastic three-point anti-vibration mechanism. It keeps the chainsaw in a smooth state by reducing the vibration of the motor as well as the chain’s movement through the chainsaw.

The automatic oiler will keep the chainlubricated as you are using it, and the side-chain tension adjuster allows you to keep the chain tensioned without having to remove the entire chainsaw manually.

This is particularly important especially if you are working all day working in the yard.

Its RM 4214CS Revel tools-free accessibility to the air filter and the spark plugs will allow you more ease of maintenance when the situation requires it.


The Remington 4214C Rebel has a robust 2-cycle engine that has a huge capacity fuel engine of 42 cc that will keep your chainsaw in good condition for longer.

The chain and bar are small, with a 14-inch range, however, its power can compete with chainsaws made of electric or gas that are about 20 inches in length.

Despite its strength, it features an extremely low-vibration chain system that helps ensure smooth operation. It is equipped with bucking cutters made of metal to ensure that kickbacks are kept to an absolute low level.

Our Verdict

The Remington RM 4214C is a superb chainsaw, featuring a variety of premium features that rival chainsaws with heavy-duty features.

The best part is that they sell the chainsaw at a bargain cost of $129.99 which means you can buy the reliable chainsaw with gas that you need without burning the hole in your pocket.

If you’re in the market for best-rated small gas powered chainsaws for small gas It’s hard to not be impressed by the value out of this RM 4214C Rebel model, especially at its price.

Husqvarna 120 Lightweight Mk II

Key Takeaways

Unique air centrifugal filtration system

A good chain and a powerful and efficient X-Torq Motor

Ergonomic handle design

Husqvarna is another brand that you must know if you’ve worked with chain saws for some time.

Husqvarna might be the oldest in our list of companies and has been around for about 300 years ago.

It is the Husqvarna 120 Mk II is part of their homeowner chain saws, which gives its customers more control over their properties by using powerful and effective tools.

Although they offer a variety of electric and battery-powered chainsaw alternatives, however, the 120 Mk. II is a classic model by using gas.

It’s a solid addition to your tool collection when you require an efficient cutter at your side.


It is the Husqvarna 120 Mk II uses a unique air system called centrifugal which functions as a secondary air filter. It utilizes a powerful spinning force to eliminate any larger particles from the air before it reaches the primary air filter of the chainsaw.

The new engine from Husqvarna’s X-Torq provides powerful performance, while also cutting emissions and fuel consumption.

Although it is powered by gas, however, the Husqvarna intends to cut down on its carbon footprint by using advanced technology.

The model 120 MK II model keeps things simple with its one-hand operation system that has the choke and stop controls combined into one handle.

This makes starting the gas saw much simpler and gives the user quick control to prevent floods in your chainsaw.

In addition, it is worth noting that the Husqvarna chainsaw comes with a low-vibration system which reduces the vibrations that are generated, thereby reducing fatigue for the operator.


Its Husqvarna 120 Mk II has a great 14-inch guide bar that is mid-range, but it can be extended up to 18 inches if needed to be, which makes this tiny chainsaw capable of cutting longer in the event of need.

Despite the extra power, it is able to provide when compared to similar chain saw models It weighs just enough to carry effortlessly at 5.5 kg even with a massive 38cc power engine.

Our Verdict

It is the Husqvarna name is often associated with other chain saws which is why we have be sure to add one of the main products on this list.

Despite its small size yet, it can still handle a variety of jobs that require a lot of effort.

It’s easy to use, especially thanks to the numerous features that make the process of starting and operation much more smooth.

If you’re looking for a quality chainsaw that is reliable and you don’t mind spending a little more than the average and you’re looking for a good bargain, this Husqvarna 120 Mk II is the ideal chainsaw for you.

Poulan PL3314

Key Takeaways

Ergonomic system for starting and stopping

Treated chains increase chain durability

LED indicator for flooding

Poulan may be a brand that is more familiar to those who have experience in working with wood and general logs.

They’ve been producing industrial-grade saws, ranging from the simple gas chainsaw, to huge lumber cutters for around 60 years.

This Poulan PL3314, despite being compact in its design but still remains an efficient gas chainsaw to be made under the Poulan brand. A majority of tasks that are heavy-duty can be accomplished using a Poulan on your side and the PL3314 isn’t an exception.


Poulan is a basic chainsaw. Its most notable features are its compact design and light weight. guide bar for the average user.

The handle is equipped with both choke and stop-and-go features that are near the handle giving you more control when it comes to the chainsaw’s start and stop features. its work.

Also, it comes with an LED light inside the case for heat-flooding. It will monitor the status of your gas chainsaw while you are using it to let you know if your chainsaw is running hot.

Despite its simple design, it is built with high-end materials, such as hard-chromed or treated chains, as well as their trademark fuel mixture designed for 2-cycle engines.


It’s an extremely durable gas chainsaw, which has an engine with two cycles and a fuel tank that can be used continuously. It’s slightly heavier than other types of chain saws with a weight of approximately 8.5 kg in total.

A 14-inch guide bar represents one method Poulan designed a chainsaw with homeowners in mind. It also keeps the chainsaw movable to cut branches and cut wood.

Our Verdict

The Poulan PL3314 provides solid performance when doing household chores.

Although you might not believe it will tackle all the heavy-duty jobs in your mind, it’s impossible to ignore how valuable its weight and size are for managing yards.

If you don’t care about features, and want something that can cut well The Poulan 3314 is likely to be good enough for you.

Poulan Pro PR5020 Gas-Powered Chainsaw

Key Takeaways

70% less carbon dioxide

20% lower fuel consumption

A purge bulb that is protected to make it easy for starting

Even though it’s a professional gas chainsaw, with 20 inches of the blade the Poulan Pro PR5020 comes in a compact, small and lightweight style.

Poulan Pro 20 inch Chainsaw, 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw, PR5020
  • With the OxyPower engine technology, you can get that extra power for virtually any task. This technology offers a more powerful engine, but also 70% less emissions and 20% lower fuel consumption
  • Effortless pull starting system reduces pull force 30% for easier starting and reduced wear on the starter mechanism
  • The combi tool is integrated into the rear handle, it's always there when you need it for maintenance
  • The purge bulb, which provides the carburetor with fuel and makes the product easier to start with fewer pulls, is protected, reducing the risk of damage
  • User friendly combined choke/stop control allows faster starting and greater reliability by reducing the risk of engine flooding

It also comes with a huge engine that is large enough for this chainsaw.


It is the Poulan Pro PR5020 is a saw specifically designed to fell tree trunks, breaking trunks and cutting firewood.

Despite its strength and power, it’s an affordable price, with having a light weight of just 13 pounds, and a low noise volume of 102 decibels.

The OxyPower Engine Technology allows you to save money in the long run. It produces 70% less emissions and has 20% less usage of fuel over other chainsaws that use gas.

A Poulan Pro gas chainsaw lets you to breathe better and stay clear of the negative long-term adverse effects of breathing in the fumes.

In addition, this chain saw will help in removing air more effectively which reduces the time and effort to remove it!


The Poulan Pro PR5020 comes with An Inertia Activated Chain Brake to protect you when using it. It features a simple pull-starting system that can reduce the pull force you have to apply by up to 30%..

It is also equipped with a purge bulb. Poulan Pro PR5020 also has a purge bulbthat will provide the carburetor fuel and allows it to start by pulling less.

The Poulan comes with an automatic (Fixed The Flow) Oiler that will keep your saw properly lubricated. Some prefer an oiler that has an adjustable flow. This is dependent on your preferences.

Additionally, it comes with a user-friendly combination choke/stop controller that lets you start the gas chain saws quicker.

This feature of the Poulan Pro PR5020 will guarantee you high reliability and reduce the chance of flooding in your engine in the event of stalling.

Our Verdict

Despite a few of its faults, even with its flaws, the Poulan Pro PR5020 is the best chainsaw If you are looking for a great value for money and for those who require a sturdy chainsaw but not into the world of professional chainsaws.

Stihl MS 181

Key Takeaways

Weight is minimal when making use of the Stihl 2-Mix Engine.

Advanced air filtration system reduces the frequency of changing filters

A side-mounted chain tension adjustment device allows you to adjust the chain tension on the fly

Another fantastic small chainsaw from of Stihl is the MS 181, using similar features as that of the MS 170 but with some adjustments to its internal systems to provide amazing performance on every garden-related task.

Even though it’s advertised for use as “home gas chainsaw” you’ll be amazed by the power this chainsaw is capable of.

Expect the tasks that you typically considered difficult to complete faster with this chainsaw.


Stihl MS 181 Stihl MS 181 uses the Stihl 2-Mix engine that was mentioned earlier.

This is more powerful than conventional battery-powered and electric chainsaws, and uses 20 percent less fuel and 70% less carbon dioxide.

The sophisticated combustion system inside the 2-mix engine permits fuel and air to mix at the proper levels, aided by the Stihl’s pre-separation of air filtration system.

This serves as a buffer to help in air intake, which keeps your filters running longer and regulating airflow into the fuel.

It is MS 181 also has a side-mounted chain tensioning feature which allows this gas chainsaw to have the ability to apply tension to the chain without removing the chain or bar.

The Stihl Ematic Lubrication system is included on MS 181 as well. MS 181 as well, making up to half your oil with the lubrication system it is integrated into its grooves for the Oilomatic chain.

Stihl’s anti-migration technology and single lever master control make working with MS 181 MS 181 easy and smooth.

The two systems are both in place to reduce your fatigue when working with the chainsaw, and also give you more control over its operations.


MS 181 MS 181 is a 12 to 14-inch chainsaw. The Stihl 2-mix motor is an engine with two cycles, which keeps operational efficiency while offering steady performance for a long time.

It is lighter than other chainsaws on our list, weighing in at approximately 4.3 kg, weight-wise.

Our Verdict

A compact and portable chainsaw The MS 181 still delivers reliable performance with a fuel-based power source.

Due to its weight and sophisticated motors, the Stihl Model is as good an option as their earlier MS 170.

The choice of this model is based on how each power tool performs to you and the level of comfort you have with it.

Husqvarna 135 Mk II

Key Takeaways

Lightweight mid-sized home chainsaw

Strong 38cc X-Torq motor

Technology that reduces vibration can help ease fatigue for operators.

Husqvarna 135 Mark II Gas Powered Chainsaw, 38-cc 2.1-HP, 2-Cycle X-Torq Engine, 16 Inch Chainsaw with Automatic Oiler, For Wood Cutting and Tree Pruning
  • Husqvarna 135 Mark II 16 inch chainsaw is robust, reliable and easy to use, making it a valuable tool for a variety of home and garden tasks—recommended for use with bar lengths between 14 inches (min) and 16 inches (max)
  • Effortless Start-Up: Smart Start allows this Husqvarna chainsaw to quickly and easily start up with minimal effort, while the gas chainsaw 16 inch blade has an inertia-activated chain brake reduces the likelihood of injury due to kickback
  • Powerful and Efficient: Gas powered chainsaw with a 38-cc, 2.1-HP X-Torq engine that reduces emissions (up to 60%) and increases fuel efficiency (up to 20%), while combined choke/stop control helps reduce the risk of engine flooding
  • Air Injection Technology: Chainsaws equipped with a centrifugal air cleaning system that expels larger dust and debris particles before they reach the air filter for improved engine life
  • Easy Adjustments and Handling: Features a side-mounted tensioning system positioned for easy slack adjustments and LowVib technology that uses dampeners to reduce vibrations for easier handling of recommended 14 to 16-inch chainsaw bars

Husqvarna continues to offer more products that are different from the 20-inch standard used on professional loggers.

The 135 Mk II model is made to give you the most performance when it comes to cleaning and running your homestead.

When it comes to pruning trees, hobbies work or other small tasks one of the models 135 Mk II is capable of handling work effortlessly.


This Husqvarna 135 Mk II uses their X-Torq engine, similar to that of the 120 Mk II, giving you greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions, resulting in a more sustainable operation.

Similar to the 120 Mk II, the 135 Mk II makes use of an air injection system that is able to remove larger particles of debris from the gas chainsaw’s air intake by centrifugal force.

This serves as a secondary filter prior to hitting your primary air filtration system and then clogging them.

The low-vibration system, along with the choke and stop control give you ease of operation and greater control on your chainsaw. The inertia-brake system will also shield you from powerful kickbacks, or snapping of the chain.

A fuel pump, as well as a chain tensioning socket, are able to keep your chainsaw operating at its peak by allowing for easy tension calibration and fuel management when you start it up.


This 135 Mk II is larger than other chainsaws of a smaller size (which are typically 12-inch bars in length) on this list and is classified as a mid-sized chainsaw of 16 inches.

Despite its size, its weight is easily manageable, at around 5 kg.

It’s a robust 38cc motor, which is powered by Husqvarna’s X Torq system, giving you plenty to power for a two-cycle motor. It features a huge 0.793-liter fuel tank to allow for more continuously running.

Our Verdict

While not quite so “small” as other chainsaws, however, this 135 Mk II still knocks a number of bigger chainsaws, despite its dimensions. Its weight is average and its simple design ensures it’s useful without creating too much hassle.

The entirety of what makes the Husqvarna chainsaw unique is found within the machine itself, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise by the fact that their chainsaws do not have unnecessary features.

Stihl MS 151 C-E

Key Takeaways

The lightest chainsaw in the list

It is powered by the same 2-Mix motor as other chainsaws made by Stihl.

It is easy to get started with ErgoStart and a Manual Fuel Pump

For the final item on the list, we’ve reviewed one of Stihl’s most unique products which are its MS 151 C-E. This chainsaw from Stihl is likely to have the lightest weight in comparison to the other options on this list.

It also performs great with it’s 2-Mix Stihl Motor, giving you professional cutting with a small and light chainsaw.


This Stihl MS 151 C-E uses their standard 2-Mix engine for homeowners to improve efficiency at work. It makes use of less fuel and releases less exhaust with their sophisticated combustion system functions.

Its MS 151 C-E also simplifies chainsaw starting with the ErgoStart and Manual Purger for the Fuel Pump.

Not only do one have to pull less, but one could also regulate the amount of fuel pumped through the start cord.

Air filters are also designed to be removed and replaced easily as well as their tool-less fuel tank and side-chain tension control can reduce downtime normally used for chain saw calibration.

The anti-vibration feature of Stihl also reduces the vibrations created by the chain saw chain and motor body. Vibrations are a common cause of fatigue during extended periods of usage So a reduction in the frequency of vibrations could reduce your fatigue from using chains saws.

MS 151 C-E features a standard Lubrication System (Stihl Ematic) that limits the use of oil, while still giving a uniform lubrication coat.


MS 151 C-E MS 151 C-E is the most lightweight chain saw on the list, with an overall weight of 2.1 kg. It has a 12-inch guide bar and an easy-to-use chain to keep the cuts precise.

Although it is small the chain saw can still run even a 23.6 cc motor. The chain saw is the most powerful in terms of weight-to-power ratio.

Our Verdict

If weight is a concern for you, then it’s the MS 151 C-E should be the top option. It’s extremely light compared to the other saws in this list and will make the work of a chain saw effortless.

It doesn’t matter if it’s due to weight or you just want to have more control over your body and control, you can use the MS 151 C-E can meet the needs of light cutting.

Advantages of the Best Lightweight Gas Chainsaw

Many experts agree that gas-powered chainsaws are better than battery-powered chainsaws

A good chainsaw that is powered by fuel will give you an even more stable cut power over technology-driven chainsaws.

They also are likely to weigh less than electric chainsaws at least for saws with the same cutting power.

While they’re louder and require more expertise to operate gas chainsaws are able to provide the best wood and cutting tasks simply without sacrificing energy with more durable materials.

Cutting thicker wood will drain the battery of a chainsaw more quickly than fuel tanks powered by gas where the fuel is transmitted to the bar and chain.

If you’re a fan of difficult cutting tasks, and you do not mind the sound, a gas-powered chainsaw is the ideal chainsaw option for you.

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