Edger vs Trimmer: All You Need to Know

The maintenance of lawns is not an easy job. It may seem like it only involves a little trimming and watering, however, there is a lot involved in achieving an attractive and green lawn. In addition to the mowers, water systems, herbicides and fertilizers, there are additional tools you can use to create a look like you have a professional lawn.

Examples of such tools include lawn edgers as well as string trimmers. Both of them can be confused since they share similar purposes, for example, taking care of edges and areas that mowers aren’t able to cut. This is why some may utilize one of them for the other. Both will nevertheless work, but each has a different result and is specifically designed to accomplish a particular task accomplished faster and more efficiently than the others.

Edger Vs Trimmer: What’s the Difference?

Lawn maintenance is a need a particular set of tools to be sure that your yard is neat and well-maintained. String trimmers and lawn edgers are two tools that you may require at some point however what’s the main difference between these two tools?

We’ll examine the advantages and disadvantages of using edgers vs. trimmer tools. We’ll also discuss which one is right for you and if you really require the tools.

Edger vs Trimmer: What's the Difference?
Edger vs Trimmer

Edger and trimmer tools could appear similar to one another however they each have their own purposes. If you’re in a larger home like mine likely to make use of the trimmer more often than the edger!

While I’d like to make the edges of my lawn and borders of my garden beds perfect using an edger for my lawn but there’s not enough time to do it. String trimmers, however, I just can’t live without them!

They’re the ideal companion to lawn mowers. they can be inserted into any place that the mower cannot go.

The distinction between an edger and a trimmer in the simplest terms. Edgers are designed to create the perfect edges. Trimmers are used for cutting grass and weeds that mowers can’t get to.

If you’ve faced a plethora of plants that have taken over your yard, or just have grass that’s uncontrollably It is important to understand which one of these tools is most appropriate for the circumstances.

Edger vs Trimmer – The Main Difference

  • Lawn edgers are designed for perfectly rounded edges. They mark the boundaries of your gardens beds, paths and lawns to the highest quality.
  • Trimmers for string are specifically designed for whacking grass and weeds that your mower won’t get to. In some ways they are able to cut edges too (and for the majority of us, that’s sufficient) however, you won’t have the perfect edge. Trimmers tend to be much more versatile than edgers and unless you want that knife-cut-through-butter look, a string trimmer is your tool of choice.

What is a Lawn Edger?

Lawn edgers may be motorized or manually operated and are specially designed to trim your lawn and cleaning up the edges that are typically located between concrete walkways.

They’re perfect to be used along straight edges, for example, on your driveway, along walkways, or even in flower beds.

Manual edgers are spade-like tool that has a semi-circular bladed head that can be used to cut edges of the grass.

An edger rotary is also offered and falls into that category of manual. Also called an edger stick It’s a wheeled cutting device that you push with your hands along the lawn edge to get an attractive, neat finish.

Hand shears are also used to cut off the edge of the grass. This tool comes with handles that are long, which means you don’t have to walk with your feet.

Motorized edgers do exactly the same thing as cutting into the turf to make the edge, but it’s made using a rotating blade of metal powered with electricity or gas.

Woman with a Lawn Edger
Lawn Edger

What is a Lawn Trimmer?

Depending on the country you’re from the term “string trimmer” is commonly referred to by different names throughout the world.

If it’s a strimmer, whacker, line trimmer, or even a whipper snipper, they accomplish the same thing. They’re specifically designed to trim grass, grass cover and even foliage – typically in hard to reach or difficult to reach areas.

It is operated by using a nylon string instead of a blade. It is fed into an electric spinning spool that is cut by the continuous whipping motion.

Gardener with a Lawn Trimmer
Lawn Trimmer

Some trimmers utilize blades some use chains. The tool is also known as a brush cutter and is usually employed for jobs that require a lot of force. Chain trimmers are restricted in Europe in the wake of a fatal accident in the year 2010.

It’s also important to remember that string trimmers contribute a lot to microplastic waste. They basically distribute tiny amounts of plastic across your backyard. Plastic alternatives or biodegradable lines are needed to be developed and promoted.

Trimmers can be powered by gas and electricity. There are corded or cordless alternatives available.

What is a String Trimmer?

A strenuous trimming tool is a small and user-friendly lawn tool to remove weeds and grass. In addition to the string trimmer, there are people who may also refer to this tool as a line trimmer, weed eater and a weed wacker.

The tool is made up of long shafts and an adjustable head at the bottom. It quickly spins a string or a flexible line, which allows it to quickly and efficiently cut through weeds and grass. The line or string is spun at a fast speed, therefore it is essential to wear safety gear including eye protection and earmuffs, gloves, shoes, and pants when working with it to avoid injury.

Gardener with a Weed trimmer
Weed trimmer

As we said string trimmers are equipped with the shaft, which is different between two kinds that are straight and curving. Straight shafts typically have greater length, making it easier to get over fences and under trees. However certain people prefer curved shafts as it is better to grip.

When do you use a String Trimmer?

If we already have lawnmowers that cut grass, why would we require the string trimmer?

Because lawnmowers are heavy, it is difficult to trim areas close to the fence, steps, sidewalks, and driveways. It can also be difficult to mow areas near pathways, walkways. To get rid of grass and weeds from these areas, you’ll require an electric string trimmer. It is a small head that is capable of easily reaching these areas, which will help you keep your lawn in a level state and well-maintained. You can also utilize string trimmers to get rid of the grass or weeds growing through the cracks of your driveway, sidewalk and other areas that are paved.

If you have flower beds or trees, it could be difficult to cut the area around them. String trimmers are the best choice, as you are able to easily trim your plant beds and garden beds. It is also impossible to properly mow uneven or uneven parts of your yard using lawnmowers, in contrast to string trimmers.

You may think that you’ll never have to use a lawnmower now, but it will take a lot of effort to cut the entire lawn using string trimmers because it is only a short cutting length. String trimmers should be used when you’re mowing your lawn therefore, you’ll require the lawnmowers. This device can help you get your grass level and create an attractive, well-maintained appearance by repairing the areas that your lawnmowers left out.

Different Types of String Trimmers

The two fundamental types that string trimmers come in: gas-powered as well as electric. The electric model can further be divided into corded and non-cordless. Selecting the appropriate type of electricity depends on the type of power you want and portability, as well as the noise level as well as the dimensions of your yard as well as the kind of terrain.

Gas-Powered String Trimmer

This kind of string trimmer is lightweight and more efficient than the other kinds. I’ve already mentioned that string trimmers have a narrow cutting width, while gas-powered string trimmers have the biggest cutting swath. This makes them the most convenient to utilize when you’re cleaning a large lawn. They also have a longer duration than battery-powered or cordless trimmers.

However, there are some disadvantages. String trimmers that are powered by gas (gas-powered string trimmers) can be loud as compared to electric trimmers, and emit gasses. Also, you’ll need to refill the machine with oil and gas. The price is higher than the others and, therefore, if you need a more powerful as well as portable trimmer it’s worth it.

Corded Electric String Trimmer

If you’re budget-conscious or are surrounded by a small yard you can choose an electric string trimmer with a cord. It’s quieter and doesn’t release gasses. This model is also lighter however, you’ll have to compromise on mobility. It will require an extension cord or a few – to ensure you can get to all the parts of your garden.

Corded electric string trimmers have lower power and are able of smaller cutting sections. This means that it could be difficult to maintain a complete yard if you do not have plenty of outlets outside or extension cords that are longer.

Cordless or Battery-Powered String Trimmer

If you’d rather use electric models that are more portable There are cordless trimmers available. They are smaller and can be stored easily.

It’s powered by batteries therefore there may be occasions when you need to take a break from your lawn in order to switch the battery pack or charge it. It is possible to purchase an extra battery pack to ensure that the shorter duration won’t be an issue.

Notice: The string used in trimmers could vary in its thickness however some string trimmers are not able to accommodate different dimensions. If you’re looking to test this out make sure you choose one that is able to handle various thicknesses.

What is a Lawn Edger?

A lawn edger is a device used to draw lines between your lawn and the other parts of your yard, such as gardens, pathways driveways, sidewalks, and so on. It comes with an edger that cuts overhanging grass or weeds precisely separating the grass from these areas of pavement.

It basically creates distinct boundaries within and around your lawn. It can be either motorized or manual edger.

When do you use a Lawn Edger?

Does your yard look unclean after mowing and weeding it? After all that actions, if you do not manage the fine grass hanging over around the perimeter of the lawn Your yard won’t be able to appear well-maintained.

You’ll be unable to maintain the edges of these areas with a lawnmower particularly since you cannot mow the driveways’ sides and pathways, sidewalks, or other areas with the pavement. Also, you won’t be able to remove grass around fences or trees without harming the plants.

If you’d like to see crisp and clear lines within your yard it is best to invest in lawn edgers. Lawn edgers are made to create neat and sharp edges in between the lawn as well as the paved surfaces. They also serve to improve the appearance of flower beds as well as in the vicinity of your mailbox to make them appear more attractive. Based on the uses mentioned, the main purpose of a lawn edger is to make a lawn look more tidy and aesthetically-pleasing.

Different Types of Lawn Edgers

Similar to string trimmers grass edgers are either gas-powered or electric-powered. If you do not want to make use of electricity or gas you can also use hand-held lawn edgers. For example, this one.

Manual Lawn Edger

Many people prefer lawn edgers that are manual. Why? They are really easy to operate. The type you choose can be roller-based or spade-based. Here’s the difference. Manual lawn edgers using the shape of a spade appear in the form of an ax, whereas those with rollers have wheels that are covered in spikes.

In addition to their simplicity and ease of use, manual lawn mowers are also less costly more maintenance-free, less expensive, and last longer. There is no need to worry about refilling your gas or finding an outlet or replacing various parts. These are also simple to store and are utilized at any time and anywhere.

On the other hand, it is that you’ll have to work harder when cutting your lawn, particularly in the case of a huge lawn.

Gas-Powered Lawn Edger

If you have dense grass or lots of weeds on areas of the lawn, or you have a huge lawn, you should purchase a lawn mower powered by gas. It’s going to be very taxing for your body if you have to deal with thick grass with an ordinary lawn edger.

However, it can be difficult to get gas powered models since they tend to be heavier than other models. It is the reason why many prefer models that have the fourth wheel. This model will also make it more secure, which makes it simpler to cut straight and swerve through your lawn.

The type also generates a more raucous sound than electric lawn edgers and may be more costly. If you do not need to perform heavy-duty trimming it is possible to buy a budget-friendly, but sturdy gas-powered lawn edger.

Electric-Powered Lawn Edger

If you’re looking for a less noisy and greener device the electric lawn mower is a great alternative. It has the advantages of gas and manual lawn edgers. Well, certain of them.

Electric lawn edgers can be battery-powered or corded. They have the same portability as other models but they won’t provide the same amount of power as lawn edgers that run using gas. However the corded lawn edgers may not be as mobile, however, they are more powerful than lawn edgers that run on batteries.

Both are light and small. They also produce less sound, but will not be as strong as gas-powered lawn edgers. This makes it difficult to tackle edges of grass that are thick and weeds using an electric lawn mower.

String Trimmer? Lawn Edger? Or Both?

To help you choose which one is best to have in your home, we’ll discover their other features and what’s the difference between the two gadgets.

Can a string Trimmer be employed to Edging and Lawn Edgers for trimming?

Apart from trimming grass, certain string trimmers are also used to edge. You can also find string trimmers specifically designed to be used for edge trimming. To create a border around your yard, rotate the tool to the side to make the string either vertical or upright. If you are using it to trim the lawn, the string rotating has the same orientation as the flying frisbee. If you are using it to edge the edge, the spinning string would be in the same direction as the blades of a windmill. Once it’s up and running, typically with changing your grip, you could use it to trim edges.

This doesn’t apply to all kinds of string trimmers as there are certain models with wheels which means you’ll be unable to rotate it in a sideways direction. Similar is the case about some lawn edgers which might have wheels or be so heavy that they cannot be turned in a different direction.

It’s not easy to make use of lawn edgers to cut grass in flat areas, particularly when you own an automatic one. It will be difficult trimming open areas or plants that have grown into cracks in pavements with one blade. Neither can you complete the task using the help of a roller.

Differentiating the Two

If string trimmers can perform edge work, why do you need an edger for your lawn? String trimmers can be used to establish the boundaries of your yard, however, you’ll only get that perfect, crisp edge using an edger for your lawn. The string trimmer is typically employed as a follow-up tool to keep the edge you’ve established by using an edger for your lawn.

When you first begin cutting your lawn you should use an edger for your lawn. Because it’s more sturdy and durable, it is easier to create a clean edge. String trimmers can be a mess, and the result can be messy which means you’ll need to work harder.

Benefits of Owning A String Trimmer

The ability to quickly get rid of weeds and grass in any place

It is ideal to cut grass and weeds on uneven or irregularly-shaped spaces

If you have grass that is long near its edges, utilize this tool to cut it prior to cutting it

This is a great way to protect boundary lines after having a perfect edge using an edger for lawns

Benefits of Owning A Lawn Edger

Defines boundaries between lawns and other areas that are paved, or around gardens and mailboxes

It gives straighter and more consistent lines when you are edging a yard.

Ideal for the initial edge edging to prevent messy edges or crooked edges.

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